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Does this make any sense

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    What we experience as time is just the universe expanding into essentially nothing and the universe continues to speed up because literally nothing is stopping the big bang because the big bang is an exploding black hole that sucked in everything to begin with or perhaps the black hole is so powerful that it's still sucking everything up causing a constant explosion and the universe just appears to be expanding because its getting sucked up the by the black hole at the same rate it's exploding (but speeding up) so time is controlled by the gravity generated by the black hole? And the stronger the gravity the faster the universe expands speeding time up and (the movement of) space?
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    That's a very long word salad sentence..
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    pure and unadulterated BS. You should read some real physics.
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    Time is not well defined, it is a measured value where the universe serves as our clock. Ascribing gravity the role of 'clock' does not resolve this issue.
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    000Tommy, Welcome to Physics Forums.

    This is a place for anyone to ask a question about Astronomy (or other subjects) and to receive answers/explanations from experts who are well-educated in their fields.

    This is NOT a place for such posts as you have written above. What is your question? Your first 100 words, followed by a question mark is not a question. It is a rambling mixture of words that make no sense whatever. This is NOT a place to try to imagine some new theory or idea, either (if that's what you tried).

    Now, seriously, if you know some things about Astronomy or Astrophysics, and want to learn more, then please write out your questions in clear English. Be sure to limit each question to only ONE subject. You will be surprised how much you can learn about science once you learn how to use this valuable resource.
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