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Does this make sense?

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    In predicate logic

    Let R = Run towards


    Would a formula like Rabc make sense?

    What would it read?

    Would Rabc = Rab & Rac
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    if b and c are in the same location then it makes sense, but otherwise it doesnt.
    an example of three place predicate is "between", x is between y and z, here you can't divide it into Bxy&Bxz cause it doesnt make sense.
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    b could be north of a and c is north east of a. Then a could be running towards both of them without b and c both in the same location.

    So if B is between

    then you could have Bxyz (i.e. a forumla with 3 subjects) which translates to x is between y and z. In this case it is necessary to have three subjects after B, anything else won't make sense.
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    Is it true that in general if Rabc

    than it can be read (a R b and c)

    i.e Adam 'is running towards' Betty and Celsi.

    Adam 'is in between' Betty and Celso.
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