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B Does this Q.M. interpretation "fly"?

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    Suppose that in empty space the quantum vacuum fluctuations are real and that their combined energy density "magically" equals the very small number we observe. Why not, if the energy density were large we would not be here to make observations so if it exists it must "magically" equal nearly zero. So even though the energy density of empty space is nearly zero empty space is possibly an enormously complicated place.

    Consider the "empty" space above, in it consider an opaque screen with a pair of double slits suitable for an interference experiment done with visible light. Is it possible that the screen with the double slits "modifies" the quantum vacuum so that when a light source and a photographic plate are placed in the right locations to do the interference experiment that before the light is turned on "Nature" has already "done" the experiment in all possible ways using the fluctuations of the vacuum so that where the photon is likely to be found there are more modes of light from the source to the photographic plate and where the photon is not likely to be observed there are fewer modes from the light source to the photographic plate. So when a photon is created in the light source it is more likely to be created in a mode which propagates to where light is more likely to be observed?

    In this manner Nature tells light the modes it can take and a electron in the light source scatters to produce a photon that randomly picks such a mode. Therefore, the photon does go through one or the other slit in this interpretation?

    Obviously for this idea to fly it must somehow logically include all known quantum phenomena. I am a bit fuzzy on how this idea flies with entanglement and the delayed choice type of experiments.

    Thanks for your thoughts!
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