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Does this star contain hydrogen?

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    Does this star contain hydrogen?
    Does this star contain He+?
    Justify your answer with diagrams and calculations.

    If I find the wavelengths of Hydrogen, can I go to the graph and check if there's any intensity at these wavelengths? Do all of the wavelengths have to exist for hydrogen to be present?

    As for He+, I have no idea how to do that.

    Any suggestions as to what kind of diagrams I might need and calculations?

    Oh, and how many energy levels do I need to go up to? Is the max for Hydrogen n=6? What about Helium?

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    You want to ne looking for absorption at those wavelengths.Some lines will be weaker than others. The very short wavelengths might be too weak to see.

    The same formula for finding the spectral lines of H will work for He+ (single electron system) as well. There's only one difference to keep in mind....

    There is no max. But as you go to higher and higher lines, you intensity will get weaker, till it's hard to discern from the graph. Match as many as you can make out clearly.
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