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Does this website work for you?

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    "[URL [Broken] Direct
    Click it and see. It isn't working for this computer, which sucks because I just ordered a laptop from there. Thanks.
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    Yep, worked.
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    Now if I could just get PF to co-operate with me. It's holding a message hostage.
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    Sort of...the page loaded but Flash doesn't work because I'm using Chrome. What browser are you using, Pupil?
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    The latest Firefox. It started working just a few moments ago, but it freaked me out when it stopped working. Must. Know. When. Laptop. Ships! *obsess*
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    I'm in the latest Firefox and it's having fits with PF and a couple of other sites. (Although your Toshiba site worked for me in Firefox.) I opened IE and PF is fine in it. Maybe try IE, Pupil?

    Unless you'd like to try and trust someone to log in for you and check it? If you want, you can PM me information and I'd be willing to give it a go for you.
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