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Does time exist?

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    Does time exist? I'm am not so sure it does.

    my reasoning is;
    1. time is a measurement of frequency of change of energy state.
    2. controlled energy changes are constant, and don't vary, so if time existed we would see variations.

    now I know that the twin paradox is the go-to for proving that time exists.
    In the twin paradox, the traveler is moving close to c.
    since e=mc^2, e must remain static.
    I believe that to compensate for a static e value for each atom at immense speed, the atomic changes slow. So, atom change varies with the energy from speed, causing a slowed aging process at high speeds and a faster aging process at lower speeds.

    So, basically i think that we have fooled ourselves into believing time. When all we are measuring is recognized energy changes, and it also allows for a measurement of our current energy state, especially since we are all on the same space rock, moving at the same speed.

    I know I sound like sound like a mad scientist, and I am probably wrong about a lot of things, I would just like to know whether this makes sense or not.
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    If you want to see many discussions on this subject, just do a search.

    PS: you'll have to define what you mean by 'exist' and 'makes sense'....
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