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Does time run your life?

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    part 1
    The clock is used for a tool. A tool at the roots used to capture as best as possible the "day and night", or the earth movements to the sun. The clock is also used in our daily life as a universal time we run our life's accordingly too. Such as work times, meeting time's, scheduals and dates.
    part 2
    Have you ever lost track of time in the moment of your life?
    Then looked at the clock and realized it was over a hour since the last time you checked the clock, but it seemed like the time blew right by. Why is this?
    part 3
    In our mind if there's a possible fully aware conscious then theres also a possible unaware conscious. What seperates the two from eachother?:smile: :smile: :smile:
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    yes, when i go on vacation i completely lose track of time! clock time is a form of control in a sense for society isn't it? unless you're a hippie...i bet back 600 years ago there wasn't a need for stringent time keeping, as you would just be responsible for keeping warm and staying fed...

    life was harder yet simpler then, today it's easier but more complicated, and time keeps that complication in check it seems...
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    That rarely happens to me, but I hear alot of other people complaining that it happens to them all of the time. I'd say it's probably just because time is a subjective experience, just like anything other experience, and can thus take second place to other subjective experiences, on some occasions.

    Expound on the "fully aware consciousness" inside our minds, please. What do you mean by this?
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    Re: Re: Does time run your life?

    Fully aware conscious or the third eye. One who is in a place we like to call the present. A feeling one can only explain once he's arrived. Enlightenment.
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    There's an old saying, (The author escapes me right now.) that when God, (Not using 'God' here as a religious connotation, just pure example.)got up this morning, Freud was still in medical school. Long day.
    They're not?
    Can you really separate 'time' from conscious beings? Is 'time' perhaps a direct result of consciousness?
  7. Jan 7, 2004 #6
    time is unrelated to conscousness unless you belive that were programmed like a computor. Yes in a sense we are, we work 8 to 5 five times a week. we get a 2 week vacation same time every year and we live a normal life. Isn't this the all american dream? Not that it's a bad thing to do it that way. right we get up at the same time everyday but does that mean that the clock rules our life? I tend to see the clock as a continual order that stays the same. You can get sucked into it if you let it take you or you can stay seperated from it and see it for what is acually is. Do you ever find yourself waiting for the clock to change anticipating the the next digit so you can get off from work. So time does relate to our lifes but it does not rule our life's as the same in our conscious mind. You dont anticipate the time unless you think about it.
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    Why do you believe this. And why can't time be a product of conciousness?
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    still time is a false representation of life. For no measurement is perfect, and time is a mesurement. So maybe the fully aware concious is when the imperfections of the unaware concious become one with the observer or become clear minded. time is a set figure if you relate it to our concious we have set figures as well, some of us. Are we an super advanced living computor organism I think not. For our memory fades and every day every moment is always different.
  10. Jan 7, 2004 #9
    Can you at least admit that its possible that we are?
    Even this is debatable.
    Parts wear out and perception 'may' appear unique because we can't yet fathom the pattern. Just thoughts.
  11. Jan 9, 2004 #10
    I suppose its possible for us to be a super advanced computor with only enough memory to never know or find out who created us, who knows though. why do you think time is not a measurement I'm intrested?
  12. Jan 9, 2004 #11
    Thank you for at least entertaining the validity of this thought.
    I didn't say I thought time wasn't a measurement. I did, however, say that it is debatable. Yes we can use time as a unit of measure, but I can also use light as a measurement instrument. Does that make light a measuring tool exclusively? The way it was put was, time is a measurement, or way to measure, only. It, more than likely, is a side effect of its real purpose. (Or a creation of conciousness?) Essentially, I could measure lines in the road using only my car. (ie: the distance between these 2 lines is 1 car length) But my car's native purpose is to get me from point A to point B. Using time to measure with, may even return incorrect results. Just as using my car to measure lines in the road would be far from accurate. Have you ever used a pair of vice grips to pound in a nail in the absence of a hammer? (Don't laugh, I have) My views, of course, go much deeper than that, but that would include a whole lotta surplus rhetoric....
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