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B Does time travel back in time creates a new dimension?

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    Hello and first of all I would like to say that I appreciate your work here since I am new to this forum. So here it goes. I was wondering for a long time. Someone travels back in time somehow and let's say he goes 1000 years back. He knows the future and he makes an action to change it. Our world and our present will not be affected right? So when he traveled back in time he went to an alternate time line? Did he create that time line or dimension? Or our world will really be affected? And what about those paradoxes? I would really appreciate an educated answer. Thanks a lot!!
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    No. That's just silly science fiction stuff. The term "dimension" isn't used this way in physics. The only kind of time travel that is remotely plausible in real physics is closed timelike curves. These, if they exist, keep any traveler in the same universe.
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    And if that traveller does something that will change the future then what happens to us in the present?
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    I believe that will do the job. For any questions I will reply again. Thanks a lot.
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    The very fact that the idea of time travel can result in logical paradoxes is a big red warning sign that it's likely not physically possible - unless the Universe simply 'doesn't allow paradoxes to happen', but that I think is an assumption too far.
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    We have absolutely no idea. Time travel is not possible as far as we know, so there's no way to answer your question. Since time travel violates physics, it is not a valid subject for discussion here on PF. Thread locked.
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