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Does vengeance achieve justice?

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    Hi everyone.... I want your sides...

    Does vengeance achieve justice? Peace? or strife?
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    I am currently halfway through reading The Count of Monte Cristo, a story about vengeance, so I will let you know when I am done with it. It's really, really thick and runs to more than a 1000 pages so wish me luck! :smile:

    So far, the vengeance narrated in the book seems to achieve some justice. So vengeance looks like a pretty cool thing to me now!

    But I have a feeling things are about to change for Edmond Dantes, the books's protagonist. Excuse me while I continue reading page 551 of the book.
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    I'm sure that vengeance has served useful purposes, but I'm heavily opposed to the idea of vengeance.

    People make up words like "justice" to describe revenge so they can act like their immorality is the right thing to do.

    What has happened is in the past. Many people want to hurt others just to "get back" at someone who's hurt them or someone they know, but this just adds unnecessary suffering. Hurting someone for pain's sake is a vice, not a virtue.

    Now, sometimes taking punitive measures is good for preventing future crimes. But this should be distinguished from revenge for revenge's sake, which is wholly unethical.
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    jimmy p

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    vengeance is satisfactory but wrong.
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    By the way...

    I forgot to mention something.. the story was The Cask of Amontillado. Anyways, thanks for the replies... I still want to "listen" from others. =)
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