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Does your brain act it's age?

  1. Aug 13, 2008 #1
    Test your brain's age here:

    Apparently, mine is 20.....much older than most PF'er brains I am sure.

    I used the Google toolbar to translate the instructions:
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  3. Aug 13, 2008 #2
    24 [first attempt], my brain is 6 years older than me? :surprised:biggrin:

    How you can translate the flash content?
    I am experienced in using google translator but rarely able to decode text in images/flash etc...
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  4. Aug 13, 2008 #3
    I didn't translate the flash just the instructions below the flash display.
    The interpretation is kind of funny too....
  5. Aug 13, 2008 #4


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    My brain is 25, apparently. (Is that a good thing??)
  6. Aug 13, 2008 #5
    It might be independent of age?

    i.e. whatever it takes to process that kind of information ...
  7. Aug 13, 2008 #6
    http://babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_url?doit=done&tt=url&intl=1&fr=bf-home&trurl=http%3A%2F%2Fflashfabrica.com%2Ff_learning%2Fbrain%2Fbrain.html&lp=ja_en&btnTrUrl=Translate [Broken]

    Methinks those aren't the right words...
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  8. Aug 13, 2008 #7
    Umm, my first try was 56, lol. Then, I got a 35. I'm pretty sure my brain shouldn't be that old considering, those numbers are way older than I am. Am I just dumb, lol.
  9. Aug 13, 2008 #8
    Apparently 35...

    Sweet my brain should be able to buy liquor and tobacco products! LOLz
  10. Aug 13, 2008 #9
    Me: "Evening, can you ring these up for me"

    Store clerk: "I'm afraid not sir, you appear to be underage, may I see some identification?"

    Me: "Sure, here"

    Clerk: "What is this?"

    Me: "Its my ID saying me brain age is 35, now ring it up."

    Oh, and by the way Mentors, I'd have done this by putting it into my last post, but its not working when I click save to edit my posts...
  11. Aug 13, 2008 #10


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    Woot! 23. (first try too!)

    Not bad for a man very nearly twice that physically.
  12. Aug 13, 2008 #11
    33. I'm 20... is this a good thing?

    ** 35 second try.

    I'm beginning to this that this is not a good thing :S
  13. Aug 13, 2008 #12


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    I watched it for 30 mins and nothing happened, so how do i score?
  14. Aug 13, 2008 #13
    Appranetly I am 28. I'm only 15! I'm young, sexy and cool (I'm genuinely lame) so if there are any hot old ladies out there, hook me up (I'm only joking, though I do wish).
  15. Aug 13, 2008 #14

    Math Is Hard

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    35 here. If lower is better, would it have been great to have the score of a 1 year old?
  16. Aug 14, 2008 #15
    Wolram, you memorize the numbers then click them from lowest to highest once they are hidden...
  17. Aug 14, 2008 #16
    I missed the very first one on my first try and finished with a 28. On the second try I got a 20 (8 right, 2 wrong).
  18. Aug 14, 2008 #17
    28, I missed 2 of them.
  19. Aug 14, 2008 #18


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    25 but I don't know what it means.

    How do you translate the instructions into English? (I did eventually figure out that you were supposed to click from lowest to highest just from the illustration, but that's about all I understood.)
  20. Aug 14, 2008 #19


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    Actually, I'm really pleased with myself that, not only did I not read any instructions to do the test, but I figured it out while the first slide was displaying, and didn't blow the first test. That's gotta be worth about 13 points!

    That makes me about 10 years old (which is about right). Nyaaah!
  21. Aug 14, 2008 #20
    I got 120 on my first try but after I figured out the game, I got 28.
  22. Aug 14, 2008 #21


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    I got 34 after missing the first one. I had no idea what I was doing.
  23. Aug 14, 2008 #22
    I missed the first one too and ended up with a 38. I'm 58.
  24. Aug 14, 2008 #23


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    I think this means you're dead. Brain dead.
  25. Aug 14, 2008 #24


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    I got 36, and well, I am. Go figure. I missed the ones where there were too many numbers scattered across too much of the screen for me to get a good look at them all before they disappeared. I could remember the ones I saw, but didn't get to see them all. :frown: I guess that's a sign of getting old?
  26. Aug 14, 2008 #25
    I think

    Brain age proportional to 1/physical age
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