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Does175kohm resistor exist?

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    if not, what resistance is the closest to 175kohm?

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    Build it up with several available resistors if you can't find the one you want.
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    Off the shelf carbon resistors only have 2 digits of precision. so you can have either a 170k (Brown, Violet, Yellow) or an 180K (Brown,Grey,Yellow). Notice that the 2 digit precision is built into the color band system. You can get precision resistors and should be able to order (from Ohmite ?) resistors to your spec. Of course they will cost a bit more and you may need to order a 1000 or so.

    Building your own with a series or parallel combination is the way to go. An even better way to go is to reconsider the need for 175KOhms.
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    The closest 1% standard resistor value is 174kOhm. The closest 5% standard resistor value is 180kOhm. (Note that these are US values -- EU values are sometimes different.)

    You can refer to standard value charts like these http://www.elexp.com/t_rescht.htm or just look in the Digikey or Mouser catalog in the resistor selection charts.
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