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Doesn't calling the piont at 10 dimensions an infinity defeat the point of MTheory

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    Isn't it so that for 10 dimensions in M Theory to be an actual infinity each of the 3D spacial aspects in each universe have to also be Infinity Large. Thus if each universe is Infinity large would it not contain all possible universes at all possible states in time of All possible universes with 3 spatial dimensions that is.

    Wouldn't this kind of defeat the need to have 10 Dimensions to get to any possible place in the time of any 3 spacial dimensional universe as you could simply put your self in Cryostasis until you ended up anywhere at any state of time you wanted of 3 spatial dimensions.

    If you think that the universe is like of the same physics all the way anywhere inside to cover why this might not be true then why Has NASA spotted differences in physics that are different at different sides of the visible Universe.

    If your thinking of stating that the Multi-Verse is made up of finite sized universes then how is it at 10D infinite when all possibilities at all times can be thus accounted for with a number that occurs before Infinity.

    I'm not saying M-theory might not hold true and I'm definitely not say it does hold true To me M-theory is like the new bubble (with the fact that a bubble is being said to be the universe a mystery to most people who would if they knew it ask whats outside the bubble) where at the top is a possible place for some bs god(maybe even a snotty nosed art student making the best of life in his Image). Any theory like that I hate with a passion but hey the question is why is the point in 10 dimensions expressing all possibilities of any given Universe of 3 spacial dimensions at any given time actually an infinity.

    And now the Humdinger of a point whats to say in some diversion in the laws physics a universe can't skew into other spacial dimension above or below 3 thus rendering M theory obsolete.

    I know there's 2 questions there.
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