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Dogsmead - a good puzzle

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    I had started this with the assumption that there wouldn't be leading 0's, but it looks like it's an inevitability, since 1 down is 20 times 4 down, and both take up only 3 digits. So the first digit of 4 down is necessarily 0. Which ... is therefore unnecessary (since it's not shared with any other clue), except if it's ONLY there to show us that leading 0's are possible, OR if it's an error (I'd hope not)

    This leads me to ask a few things that I assumed, but may be incorrect:

    1) Are leading 0's permitted? (I had assumed no, until I saw the above)

    2) Are all boxes expected to contain single digits? Are there, say, decimal points or negative signs? (I had assumed them all to be single digits, IE base 10)

    3) Are there any implied decimal places between boxes? (I assumed no)

    4) Is this implying the standard length of a mile of 5280 feet, or the original value of 5000? (I assume 5280)

    5) Is it safe to assume that all humans have plausible ages? IE, that they are currently living? (making them between 0 and, say, 120) Or might they have died years ago, allowing them to be hundreds of years old? (I assumed all humans to be presently living)

    6) Since 13 down (length of tenure of "Little Piggley") is at most 3 digits, is "Little Piggley" a human, subject to rules established in #5? Would tenure count after death? (I had assumed this was a living human)

    7) Is a Rood indeed equal to 1/4 acre, at 10890 square feet, or 1210 square yards? (I assumed this was the value)

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    The value \of 1 down is not 20 times 4 down, its the value per acre.
    1) no.
    2) yes single digits no decimal points no negatives.
    3) no.
    4) it doesn't matter.
    5) yes plausible ages.
    6) cant remember sorry.
    7) it doesn't matter. just fill in the numbers some fields fill themselves in.

    I recall solving the puzzle with out asking any such questions, i remember there was a definite starting place though it took me a while, good luck. ps my names Dave Roberts Feb 2005.
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    Ahh, ok, sorry, for some reason I was interpreting them to be the same number, just in shillings in #1 and pounds in #4.

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    Have fun!!!
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    Wow guess what? My dogsmead post made it onto the 1st page of google if you type in dogsmead.
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    Hooray! Got it!

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