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Doing a PhD in Theoretical Physics after BE

  1. Sep 29, 2010 #1
    Dear Forum Members,

    I am new to this forum and seek some guidance from you.

    1. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from one of the top Tier Engineering Colleges of India - as part of my degree I did 4 semesters of Physics and 6 semesters of Mathematics

    2. I have been working in the Corporate environment for the last 15 years since graduation (no exposure to Physics/Mathematics apart from occasional self study

    3. I would like to pursue a PhD in Theoretical Physics (specialization not yet clear) preferably from Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (http://www.saha.ac.in/cs/www/ [Broken]) mainly due to reasons of proximity since I want to pursue the PhD in parallel with my professional career

    I am sure I have raised a lot of eyebrows with the expression of my intent. But would still like to ask for your guidance/inputs - some of the specific questions would be

    1. I have conflicting information on my eligibility to be considered for a straight PhD following a BE degree - one school of opinion tells me I must do a full time Masters / other says I would be eligible for a straight PhD provided I enroll myself through an university which offers a Masters degree. What is the truth (since I may not be able to go for a full time Masters)?

    2. While I have some idea of the daunting scale of the task (provided I am eligible - refer question 1) how much actual classroom sessions will I have to plan for (Since I presume lot of Mathematical / Theoretical foundations would need me to attend some classes)

    3. The mother of all questions - is this at all feasible (keeping mainly in mind the academic possibilites/restrictions in India/Kolkata - I am setting aside the questions of my ability for the time being)

    Thanks in advance for all the valuable suggestions I am anticipating

    Warm Regards
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