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Other Doing a PhD remotely?

  1. Nov 29, 2016 #1
    I currently live in Seattle and am stably employed with a tech company. I've been thinking about going back for my phd, but the issue is a little complicated. I'm a US citizen and did my MSc in astrophysics at University College London. I've been in touch with my old adviser who would be happy to have me come back for the phd program.

    When I was there for my masters, I regularly hung out with the phd students and remember there being lots of talks and colloquia that people attended. I guess that the best-case scenario would be me flying out there periodically for face-to-face activities.

    Has anyone done something like this before? My adviser said he knows someone at a different UK university (Sussex) that did their phd remotely, but they were also in the UK.
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    I would strongly suggest against doing a PhD without regular access to supervision. Of course there is Skype etc, but it is just not the same thing. In particular in the early years of a PhD, I would say it is important to have access to your supervisor if you get stuck. Once you have gotten warm you can start becoming more independent.
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    The University of Washington has an excellent program in physics and astronomy. Even if you can't get into their program, you could probably show up to their department colloquia and talk to people there.
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