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  1. Hey guys.
    i am presently a 10th grade student and i want to become a theoretical physicist , but lately i have come to know that they a hardly any companies that hire theoretical physicist.In physics research organisation 90% of the job vacancies are for engineer , technician . So i have decided to do my research in my free time .
    But can any one tell the course take in my college to become a physicist ( i am interested in knowing more about this universe , matter , mass, light , electromagnetism..........) so that i can enough money a find some time to do my research or if you know any organisation that to fundamental research in physics and hire a lot of theoretical physicist , please tell me these organisations name.
    my main aim is top provide something to the world of physics that would change the way we look at the universe.
    In which area of physics should i do my PhD in so that i can be a theoretical physicist ( and even work as one).
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  3. You should probably start with a bachelor's degree in physics. If that wasn't completely obvious, perhaps you should rethink your plan or temper your expectations.
  4. Screw the "companies", if you want to do anything you'll have to do it on your own. Einstein did that, as well as everyone else.

    Get some random low-stress job to pay the bills and work on your physics in your own time.
  5. Einstein had a degree and the formal training in physics necessary to make advances to the field. Start with a physics degree. Best advice.
  6. Your advice is one century too late. The physics of today isn't the same as the physics of yesterday. Things move fast.
  7. hey bro, i can understand what u mean to say. even i want to do the same. i wud advice u to finish ur 12th in science and take french instead of bio in voctional
    (u probably liv in india?) finish twelth, either do bsc physics or try for iit-b
    once in that u will hav many options
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