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Doing ThesisEngineeringIndustry

  1. Mar 2, 2007 #1
    Hi. I'm about to go into my fourth year mechanical engineering.. with the option of doing a thesis project.. i'm just wondering if anyone in engineering here who is in industry could tell me if its any beneficial at all to have done a thesis when i go out to work after graduation? Because on my mind, all I know is that a thesis is good only if im going to do research/grad school.
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    If you don't have to do some sort of senior project then I think you might consider a thesis. It shows that you can identify a problem, do research, and work towards a solution. Plus, the writing would probably be beneficial too. When is the last time, besides lab reports, that you did writing?

    If you do have a senior project course/requirement, then I would just do that. Just one persons opinion
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    i'm a graduate mechanical engineer, with good experience in industry,.. go for a thesis or a senior project..u'll learn to be on your own and write good reports..believe me hard but memorable and usefull experience.
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    You need to show some sort of "non-classroom" type of experience that a research project or senior project provides. That is always a bullet point on an engineer's resume in my parts.

    If you don't have a project in your senior year and you can work in hands on work with your thesis, then the thesis is a good way to go.
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