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Homework Help: Domain of 10/ln x

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    I'm confused on this domain question

    10/ln x

    I really don't know where to start. Do I graph it and then go from there? :confused:
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    what's the domain of ln(x)?
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    0, infinity
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    Basically I take it you are looking for the set of all x values for which the expression 10/ln(x) is defined, correct?

    So think to yourself, when is that expression not defined?

    (When you answered "0,infinity", did you mean (0,infinity)?)
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    well if it equals -10, then I think that would make the numerator zero.

    But I think I need to look at the denominator. So it cannot be zero
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    Yes, that's true. For what value of x is ln x= 0?

    Also, the domain of ln x is the open interval [itex](0, \infty)[/itex].
    Your "0, infinity" is ambiguous. 0 is not in the domain of ln x.
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