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Domain of validity of classical electrodynamics

  1. Jan 25, 2013 #1
    i am currently reading griffith's book on electrodynamics, though he does an excellent job with the theory (along with all the sloppiness in math) he does not really answer the question, how well does this theory apply to the real world.
    i know Newton's theory is valid at v<<c, however in electrodynamics (especially radiation and optics) how valid are the results derived (for example energy radiated by oscillating dipole)? are those results experimentally verified? with only a superficial knowledge of quantum physics i know for example, the compton effect is outside the scope of classical electrodynamics, however Compton effect is simply the interaction between a wave and a charge, so how valid are other results?
    It would also be helpful if anyone could direct me to books and other resources

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