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Domain on AOL's blacklist

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    I've just discovered why my emails are bouncing back from particular friends. Those friends have AIM accounts (or similar), and it seems AOL (or other) has blacklisted my domain.

    A few months back my site was hacked and someone was using it for phishing. With the help of my ISP I've deleted the offending stuff and disabled all my scripts.

    Anyone know how I go about cleaning up my tarnished domain name?
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    I hate AOL. I hope it dies a slow painful death.

    I wish death upon AOL and all the evil it stands for.

    Ha, I remember on the news a while back they lost so many customers the sales people were told not to allow customers to cancel their accounts. How pathetic.

    People were put on hold, and given exuces and rebate offeres for up to 3 hours on the phone, just to cancel one damn account!
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    You should probably just contact AOL. You may want to try to get some sort of documentation from your ISP regarding the hack so they know you are legit.

    Lol... have you heard that recording a guy made of himselfon the phone with the AOL rep trying to cancel his account?
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    I've heard of it.
    I actually canceled my AOL account in the 90's and I had to go through a similar thing.
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    AOL is still here? and shouldn't it be the other way round, with other people blocking AOL?

    hate them. switched away as quick as i could when Mindspring came to my area back in the 90's, myself, and never looked back.
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    How does AOL actually make money? I can't believe they are still in business.
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    It's extremely well-advertised. But I have no idea how they make money anyway. E-mail ads?
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    I can't imagine that many people use dialup AOL anymore, at least not enough to keep the company in business. Even the AIM client is free and not even needed (I use iChat or Pidgin with my AIM account.)

    They must make all their money from ads on the website or, as you say, email ads.
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    i don't think they ever made money. it was just a big con based on inflating user numbers and convincing investors that this was the future. they would be gone now, if it weren't for Steve Case tricking Time Warner into buying them right before the dot com bubble burst.
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    When I signed up for AOL years ago, just after their rep took my information to open my account, I was transferred to another rep who tried to switch my long distance phone service to a company I never heard of. For the next ten minutes, I listened to her repeat the offer again and again, ending with, "Let's get you signed up." I said no over and over to the point that I was yelling at her. Finally I just hung up, not knowing what was going to happen to my phone service. I closed that account just before the trial offer ended.

    But that's another story...
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