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Domination in religion

  1. Jul 24, 2004 #1
    Is religion/politics a major influence in domination and control rather than just human nature?

    It's natural for living beings to demonstrate behaviour of power and control. However, all species limit this behaviour, except for the case of humans. It is only in human culture we see the abuse of natural behaviour. Also, only in human culture do we find belief in religions. Political systems exist in nature (such as the hierarchy of a pride of lions), however humans are the only ones who take it to extreme levels.

    Returning to the question, I ask whether it is human nature or human culture that is to blame for the abuse of natural behaviour.
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    Lion like pride in Mankind/Man. Is a way we legalize lying. In a legal system, we do not legalize lying. It's the bully criminal, or lion pride. That does this.

    Lying is the result of using Postulates and points that are meaningless, like 1X0 = 1000, type logic. Law is using postulates and their points in a converse way that, 1X0=0

    There is no fear in the law. There is faith.
    In lying there is no law, and no faith. Why have faith in a lier ? Fear of repercussion, or dying.
    Since we all fear dying, we also NEED liers to justify this.

    So we wander in packs that is rather lawless and run by pride. Else we have no immunization from our fear of death. See ? Our packs have liers that justify fear.

    We fear, so this equals liers, so bring the liers. This is just.

    Comprehend ?
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    Ummm.. maybe you can read, but you really can't comprehend. My post was nothing about liars(well, i did talk about politics), fear of death, faith, or whatever else you may have talked about.
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    I have to disagree with your premises. Anmials do abuse their positions of power. Many types of animals (including lions) kill their own kind and even offspring to preserve hunting grounds and maiting rights for themselves.
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