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Don Juan

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    Just curious... but has anyone read carlos casteneda's "Don Juan: a yaqui way of life?" and if so, any thoughts/oppinions?
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    jimmy p

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    GALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!! ...no i havent read the book.
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    I read it a long time ago, and also another one by him. I'm afraid he's been pretty much shown up a a fake. At the least you need to know that he admits Don Juan is a "constructed character" based on several men Casteneda claims to have known. But mostly I believe it's fiction.
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    I have read all 6 CC books
    and donot think he was a fake
    nore did he admit to faking it
    CC was someone who didnot seprate
    dreams from reality or visions from seeing
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    Hi Gale! I like your new picture.

    I would recommend a good poignant novel like The Shipping News instead.

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