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Done Griffiths EM What next?

  1. May 18, 2013 #1
    As the title says, I've worked through all of Griffiths in my EM classes. It's a great book, but I plan to continue in the field of applied EM so I now need something more advanced. I'm more interested in the engineering/applied side of things, so I'm interested in stuff like materials, radiation/antennas, and RF/Microwave design. Any suggestions?
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    If you're into the applied side, I''d check out books on engineering electromagnetics. Just search for them on amazon and see what comes up.
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    Here is a free book that looks reasonable:

    Beyond that, hopefully you have access to a university library, as the styles of various engineering electromagnetics books can vary greatly. For very good discussions of transmission lines, guided waves, and antennas I like the old-school Ramo, Whinnery and Van Duzer:
    second edition is very good and cheap. Also has a reasonable intro to microwave network formalism. The chapters on statics are AWFUL, but you have Griffiths so you are good. A book that has less content (no microwave networks, etc.) but is a little easier to work through (shows all the mathematical steps) is Cheng's book:

    There are of course other general engineering electromagnetics books as well, but I am less familiar with them. Used copies of old editions are usually no worse (and sometimes better) than the new editions. After learning the basics from these types of books, then more specialized books may be of interest:

    For pure microwave engineering, I like Pozar

    Foro antennas I like Collin
    as most everything is derived from first principles. The book by Balanis is a standard that many folks like:


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    Just to add a couple of points to my previous post

    1. on further reflection, Cheng is better suited for self study of the basics of transmission lines, waveguides, and basic antennas. Ramo is what I usually turn to in order to look something up, though, and covers most/all of undergrad engineering electromagnetics

    2. The book by Pozar could be read by you right now - it does not cover antennas, though. Even the first edition is terrific, so look for cheap used copies of old editions.
    EDIT: here is a link to the first edition.

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  6. May 20, 2013 #5
    @Sentin: thanks, I forgot to mention that I'm in EE, so engineering electromagnetics was kind of my starting point in searches.

    @jason: thanks for all the info. I'm definitely going to check out the Balanis antenna book because I have free online access to it through my school's library, which is a big plus. I looked at Pozar for RF/Microwave, but unfortunately all of the library's copies are reserved for the summer, so I'll have to wait for that one. I'm going to keep looking around and see if I can find some of the other books you mentioned. Thanks again!
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