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Don't drink and drive

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    klusener, that was extremely touching. my husband and i are going out for new year's, but i am remaining completely sober since i volunteered to be the designated driver.
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    I hate drunk drivers. If anyone I know every gets injured/killed like that because of a drunk driver, I will personally look up the list of all the drunk drivers in my state and kill each and every one of them, and then move on to the next state.
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    Yep what the hell could be worse than a drunk driver ??? :/ ..........
    ......... A sober serial killer ???
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    what if a drunk driver crashes and kills a serial killer
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    I think thats a victory for everyone (well, apart from those involved), espescially if the drink driver dies or is imprisoned.

    Seriously though, I hate drunk drivers. Anyone caught should have their lisence taken away before they kill somebody.
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    Horrible stuff.I never feel safe riding in a car.Killing machines.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I believe that drunk driving and excessive speed are leading causes of death for some age groups - like 16-20 years. I can't even comment on the story linked...other than it is overwhelming and gut wrenching.
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    I agree, i think that story should be used for TV adverts that will work alot better than any advert i have ever seen.
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    I nearly cried.

    Your evil.
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