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Don't print the crazy offset!

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    Hello people,
    Is there any way to prompt hexdump to print just the hex values of the file without offsets, f.ex normally when you hex your file it looks something like this:

    0000b10 ec33 b3b2 4b3b e293 7ef9 f73e 3333 9ce7

    and we wanna make it:

    ec33 b3b2 4b3b e293 7ef9 f73e 3333 9ce7

    Any ideas?

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    You could just run the output through another program that reformats it the way you want. It would take probably 5 minutes to write a C program to do it, and even faster in a scripting language like python or perl, or to use sed if you know them.

    (Yes, this is a plug for learning a scripting language. :biggrin:)

    But, in this case, there is already a program to do essentially what you want: colrm.
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