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Dont read this article if you are a scientist

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    Ok ok I must admit that is a bit harsh - but the following link has some seriously insane misinterpretations about the world around us. But it was hilarious reading it :rolleyes:

    http://www.fixedearth.com/athiest.html [Broken]

    Oh and you gotta excuse the misspelled link by the author.. just sad
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    What the hell? This guy thinks that heliocentrism and relativity are Jewish anti-bible conspiracies?

    Whatever you do, don't show this to Happeh.
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    Those Jews again ! Give me some sugar to help me forget...
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    "Question: Once realized that Einsteinian Relativity is also derived from the same anti-Bible Kabbalist source, what should anyone do who does not wish to be a supporter of that source?"

    Oh thank god i now know the truth. For a while there i was under the misimpression that they used scientific formulas
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    wow, i'm convinced...all science is wrong.
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    Oh no!!!!! HAppeh was right!!!!! We need chinese medicine. NO sugar, no sugar, no sugar
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    I have a feeling that that page is a parody. Nobody could be that stupid.
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    "That done, Truth lovers will immerge and converge out of all religions and philosophies, including atheism. "

    Im a truth lover :D. But look at the main page... if its a parody, the guy who made the site has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on his hands.
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    There's more?!! :eek: :yuck:
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    After reading Wald's General Relativity more closely I saw proof that relativity is the true root of all evil:

    [QUOTE="Wald, p.268, Exercises]
    3. Let [itex]n^a[/itex] be a unit hypersurface orhogonal vector field. Define [itex]h_{ab}[/itex] by equation (10.2.10). Show that
    [tex]h_a^c \nabla_c n_b=\frac{1}{2} \pounds_n h_{ab}[/tex]

    4. Show that only trough the power of our Dark Lord, Lucifer, and his infernal servants one can achive ultimate dominion over life and death. (Hint: Use equation [10.2.13]) [/QUOTE]

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    We should count ourselves lucky. He says that he used to believe in science. It's a good thing he "changed sides". After all, would you want this guy going around arguing in favor of science?
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    Is that for real?
  14. Jul 21, 2005 #13
    I must have a weirder sense of humor than I thought.
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