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News Don't shoot me More ID in the news:

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    I hesitated to do this (for about half a second) considering the last result but I found a good commentary on ID in the NYTimes entitled Show Me The Science.

    To 'wet your whistle:
    If you need me, I'll be hiding behind that rock over there ... I know ... Some of you just said, "Under it", right?
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    Is an opinion column legitimately called "news"?..off topic I know..but I thought perhaps there was some new case or something and I find upon clicking through and opinion piece...not news at all...
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    Whether it was ID or evolution, we still have a long ways to go if we don't destroy ourselves first.

    For some reason in the back of my mind I have a vision that as the earth developed into a more hospitable place for habitation, some alien society rid itself of its criminal element by bringing them here. It was an intergalactic prison colony so to speak.

    The alien criminal element eventually interbred with the existing earthborn homo sapiens and........ here we are. Ten thousand years have passed and only the weapons have changed.
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    Teaching ID in a science classroom is like letting the cats screeching and fighting in the alley perform in a symphony hall.
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