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Don't understand electricity

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    So, electrons move. Yes.

    So, the coils in a generator do not have to be replaced because electrons don't deplete?
    Do the coil's electrons leave the coils?

    If not, then how does electrical energy get to our homes?
    Charge transfer from electron to electron?.................

    Are electrons just a carrier for an electrical charge?

    Or do electrons move through wires.
    But then if it moves, if the coils never lose electrons then they would have to be added back to the coils or something

    Err... why don't you have to replace generator/alternator coils because of "running out of electrons" is basically the question.

    When a current runs through to a lightbulb, the power is used to light it up, then the electrons go where?...
    Are electrons depleted of charge?
    Are electrons "consumed," as in.. not just energy removed but i don't know o_O

    A generator moves electrons..
    Then the energy is used..
    Do electrons have to be replenished of energy?

    What is the function of a Ground/grounding?
    You would need a positive, negative, and ground for a circuit?

    Why do you need a positive? Protons don't move O_O
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