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Donuts oranges coconuts and an ever expanding superpositional slinky all tied togethe

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    i have a strange idea

    dimensions are a sort of address

    to define something as distinct from anyother thing in the local universe you must arbitrarily assign some start point then say so far forward or backward

    so far left or right
    and so far up or down but then you have to say at five oclock or a week ago and define a past future point or you might miss the thing

    there are posited to be more dimensions than these four but they are supposed to be coiled up in a calabi yau manifold

    i would like to suggest that they are hidden in plain sight

    there being three dimensions of time

    option 1 /option 2
    sum of integers/integral whole

    the options 2/ option 2 is the beryllium atom spin up or spin down for example
    or heads or tails on a coin
    both preent a quantum wave state tha is collapsed to assume one of the possible states

    the sum of integers/integral whole is the speed or rate at which time appears to pass

    how many distinct ticks are in a given second
    our universe having a particular time rate

    a kind of film speed for our local universe

    the next three dimensions can be seen as mass

    positive/ negative
    micro(or quantum)/macro (or cosmological)

    the final three dimensions being consciousness

    self /other

    all of these twelve dimensions are arranged into 4 perpendicular triads

    they are all manifestations of the one dimensional string coiled into the point of the prime singularity

    by using this map you can define any object in the entire local universe as being distinct from any other

    i am not a physicists

    my background is psychology and philosophy and this was originally presented in a metaphysics class as a theory of GOD

    my professor said he wasn't really qualified to grade the paper and suggested
    that i had expanded leibniz's "monadology"
    and suggested that i pursue publication

    i understnd that this idea can lead to some paradoxes but i would suggest that the paradoxes are accounted for by other local universes outside of the prime singularity and by the wave nature of the single string while inside the singularity

    i would appreciate any input or reasonable critiques of the basic concepot of my mapping scheme

    thank you and well met

    Gabriel Strange
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    well i see folks are looking
    Iwould like to hear any thoughts or opinions even if its just

    "how dare you act like you can think?"
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    I am not a physicist...


    Kea :smile:
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    cool enough

    but what about the idea that the other dimensions supposed to be out there (or in here) could actually be dimensions of consciousness

    i wonder because of the things i've seen about consciousness collapsing the wave function being a real effect and not just an artifact of the experimental design

    and the stuff i've seen about them seperating the wave states of a beryllium atom and such

    i am not a physicist

    and i don't mind that

    what i am is someone with a background in epistemology
    logic and metaphysics

    i have read quite a bit of whats out there by real physicist and i have started with if what i have read is true then this is a likely conclusion

    to start with the string thing itself

    reverse the big bang past the event horizon and into the singularity

    everything gets squeezed infinitely small in two dimensions and stretched infinitelty long in the other

    but has no spatial dimensions to move into

    time itself slows to a standstill for what ever reaches the point of the singularity

    space time and mass came out of whatever state it is that these things go to when they go into the singularity

    and at the point of the singularity our rules and laws for physics break down to a great degree and impossible things are predicted

    do i have things reasonably accurate at this point?
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    and i do thank you for responding

    i came her to get some help with the basic ideas and to find out if there is any way to make this thing publishable as a theroy of metaphysics of consciousness

    but i do keep running into physics
  7. Jul 1, 2005 #6
    it's midnight where i am
    i think i am going to go home and get in bed

    i will return over the week end to see what if any reponse i get and to modify my ides or present more of what i am working from to see if i have my basic facts and framework accurate

    again thanx for letting me come and play in the real science place
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