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Homework Help: Doofy Spring constant problem problem

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    A toy make requires a spring mechanism to drive an attached component with a period of .50s. If the mass is 10g what must thevalue of hte psring constant k be?

    I can't figure out how the heckle you are supposed to solve for this without the distance. Is it me or the question, if it's me; how bout' some equations.
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    Thanks! but uh... where's that from? I can't figure it out :(

    EDIT: nvm, Thanks again:D
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    The equation for Simple harmonic motion (derived from the equation [tex] F= -kx[/tex] ) is

    [tex]x=Asin\omega t[/tex]


    [tex]\omega = \sqrt\frac{k}{m}
    From this, the time period of motion is [tex]\frac{2\pi}{\omega}[/tex]

    So, you can derive that formula.
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