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Doom3 Linux Here!

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    As promised by Carmack, the linux version of doom 3 is here. Get is while it's hot through bittorrent:

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    I finally had time to play through the demo. Out of 10 I would give the game a 5. The reasons are:

    1. The story is weak. Where the heck did the monsters come from? Out of no where a light appears and a monster comes out? Also, were did all the ammo packs and med kits come from. The first time I went through there were only a few. On the way back there was plenty of ammo and med kits just laying around.

    2. The AI is dumb. Head shots are too easy to make and strafing left and right confuses the heck out of the monsters. The best way to kill a bunch of monsters is to lure them into a small room and stand on a something (Computer console, box,etc) while making head shots with the shotgun from above.

    3. The PDA "feature" is annoying. O look, I got an audio message from Bob the mechanic. Yippy. Now I can hear him complain about the noises he hears.

    On a positive note, the graphics are very good. I'm running on high detail at 640 by 480 with 2x antialiasing with little to no loss in frame rates.
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    Just curious, are you using a 128mb video card?

    I asked because I tried running America's Army with a 128 and experienced a noticeable slowdown on the gameplay graphics wise.
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    No, I have a GeForce FX 5700 256MB.
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    For that you have to finish the game...
    That's something you just have to let go - haven't you played this type of game before?
    True, but then again, they are monsters.

    My only complaint was its a little dark.
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