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Doomsday Conspiracy Theorists Needs to Be Shut Down!

  1. Dec 7, 2011 #1
    Hey there folks!

    This is my first post and I have just discovered this stellar forum only a couple hours ago. I am a simpleton compared to most of you so please bare with me and my diminutive thought process :P

    I work with a man who bases his whole life around the world ending (or changing for the worse as we know it) My mom has an underground bunker to hide in when the aliens come to get us. My dad tried ending his life a couple days ago because he feels there is nothing in the world worth living for.

    I see how this is ruining their lives and I wish to help them but they always have an answer for anything i bring up. I was wondering if this community could help me save my family from these doomsday hoaxes and help me out with some of their concerns by giving me information I can relay to them?

    1- The theory of evolution has many holes in it, if we evolved why are there still apes/monkeys?
    2- Planet Nibiru(spelling?) orbits around earth every 3600 years or so, and once it is close to earth the most powerful civilizations learn from the inhabitants of that planet (Egyptians making pyramids with anti gravity machines)
    3-monoatomic gold is the key to longevity, with it humas can live for hundreds and hundreds of years
    4- fluoridated water is actually used by the illuminati to slowly kill us
    5-the inhabitants of planet nibiru are called the annunaki and because they are so much more evolved than us they don't need water so their planet can support life without water.
    6- Mars has roughly 97,000 human inhabitants on it and there are deadly predators on it that nasa photoshops out
    7- there are aliens on the dark side of the moon

    please pardon my poorly put together post but I am quite tired and just needed to get this out there. Please help me educate my family so this hoax doesn't ruin their life anymore.
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    Most of those are beyond debunkable. If someone believes in something against evidence, then they can believe pretty much anything and are immune to rational discussion. The only way out is through psychological help.
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    1- The theory of evolution has many holes in it,
    5-the inhabitants of planet nibiru are called the annunaki and because they are so much more evolved than us ...

    Good luck with this pair.
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    Like russ said, there's no evidence to support any of these claims and are rooted in a fundamental lack of understanding of the field they comment on.

    take for example
    if anyone asks you this, ask them the following:
    if all white north americans came from europe. why do we still have europeans?

    its really difficult to deal with this sort of thing. the hard part is to understand why they hold these types of beliefs in the first place. once you understand why, then you can start to address those causes.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Only a professional psychologist could determine if these beliefs are truly self destructive to your parents and friend, or merely a manifestation of a deeper problem. So I wouldn't be too quick to assign cause and effect. No one really wants to kill themself over flouridated water.

    I suggest that you seek help through your school or a social service. It is unlikely that you can "fix" your parents or have the means to get them help. So I think your best bet is to find a professional Counselor to discuss this with who can provide some coping mechanisms.
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    For issues of serious psychological disturbance you won't find help on a Physics Forum; I suggest you ask for assistance through school or some other professionally involved group.

    I was recently asked by a friend why I'm always so adamant about correcting people on their misunderstandings of science... this is why. People do genuinely make decisions based on really crappy data.

    That being said, I think Ivan has a great point... no one becomes suicidal from thinking their water has fluorine in it. But to add more to that point, if you HONESTLY believed that Nibiru was coming around again to give us amazing technology, or that monoatomic gold was the key to supreme health, or that Mars is inhabited, or that there are aliens on the moon, or ANYTHING alone those lines, then shouldn't you be incredibly excited to see that?!

    The reasoning just doesn't follow; a true non sequitur.

    Your family's problems must have a source elsewhere. I'm sorry, but I don't think we can help.
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    Thank you for the insight everyone!
    I will do my best to get help for my family :)
  9. Jan 1, 2012 #8
    1) Yes, the theory of evolution has holes in it. They were once referred to as missing links. Many of those missing links have been found over the last 50 years and more are still being found. The holes get smaller and fewer every day.

    2) Sounds like a good thing, not to worry. But if true how would they have known about it 3000 years ago or known its period? The aliens explained to them what a planet is, Newtonian physics of orbits etc.?

    3) Tell them to get gold crowns like I did so the acid in my mouth would make my body full of gold atoms (I don't subscribe to the theory but I figured it couldn't hurt, if I get another crown I plan to get silver so I have some of that circulating too).

    4) Flouride was discovered in an African tribe who injested so much their teeth were black. Probably many thousands of times the lifetime dose you would get from fluoridated water here and they were healthy.

    5) Now you know what to buy the inhabitants of Nibiru for Christmas, an aquarium and a good supply of rabies vaccine.

    6) A deadly predator would probably be smaller than a pixel in any photo taken from space. The photo's from Mars would not need to be photoshopped because they could just be replaced with pics from the Sahara or area 51 where they faked the moon landings. If there are humans on Mars they ARE the deadly predators.

    7) Why the dark side? If they had buildings they would have shown up in the Russian pics when they first photographed the dark side long before photoshop. If they don't need buildings then they don't need to be on the dark side. Just tell them there is no need for the aliens to hide on the dark side of the moon because they can hide just as well next door. You know, the neighbors that don't talk much and act a little strange?
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