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Doors, windows, pressure.

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    Hello, sorry for the weird title, I couldn't think of something appropriate enough.

    There is a window in my bathroom, about 1 meter from the door, its a pretty big window. Usually I maintain it close because I hate noise. Today I just felt like opening it and noticed something strange, opening the door is noticeable easier. I was thinking it could be because if the window is closed, when you open the door you increase the pressure a little until it is able to 'escape' outside the bathroom through the door itself, but with the window opened, the air gets to go away easily via the window.

    Any thoughts?
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    Even an imperceptibly small breeze outside can make a noticeable pressure change inside.
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    That's gotta be it, Bernoulli's. I live in a building and about 15 meters from my window there is another building so there could be a breeze channel.
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