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Doppler sun tan

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    Hi. If there were a whole line of bright lights strung from one side of the universe to the other, and i set off from one side to the other at sufficient speed, would the doppler shifiting mean that i could get a sun tan from the lamps that otherwise emit standard light that might be used to light a home?

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    You know that:

    Frequency transformation:
    [tex]\nu'=\nu \sqrt{\frac{1+v/c}{1-v/c}}[/tex]
    Energy transformation:

    [tex] E'=E\sqrt{\frac{1+v/c}{1-v/c}}[/tex]
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    I would say "Yes". Let us know when you open your first tanning salon. :-)
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    Yes, but don't go too fast or else you'll get a dose of X-ray or gamma radiation.
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