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Dosimetrist: UK to USA

  1. Aug 31, 2010 #1
    Hi all,

    Just wondering if there are any Dosimetrists on here who have made the switch from the UK to the USA? I'm considering this move after working as a Dosimetrist for five years now and would be grateful for any information/help/guidance on how best to make this happen

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  3. Sep 2, 2010 #2
    Okay... Any CMDs here at all.... would be handy to get some information about the role in the states???
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    I've seen a few CMDs post here from time to time, but not too often.

    Is there a specific place in the US you're looking for? Some of the licensing issues (or lack thereof) are likely to be state-specific.

    If you were interested in coming to Canada at all, I would point you towards the CAMRT:
    http://www.camrt.ca/english/home.asp [Broken]
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    thanks for the reply.... I'm just struggling to get information really so posting here but not expecting too much.....

    ....I have considered Canada but form discussion with people working there have led me to believe its more technologists/radiographers who perform the planning which is overseen by Physics rather than there being a designated 'Dosimetrist' role... similar to Australia (not 100% sure though as i was pointed towards an intermediate role of 'Physics planning assistant' from one hospital which looked slightly more like the natural Dosimetrists role)

    I'm not wanting to go down the radiographer route as my background and degree are in Physics. I'm struggling to get noticed as i haven't got a visa yet and i'm struggling with a visa as i haven't got a job offer... bit of a vicious circle really!!
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    Canada has designated dosimetrists too.

    I think historically the way it has been in Canada and the US is that radiation therapists will do a rotation in treatment planning and then do some on-the-job training and move into a dosimetrist role. Recently there has been a movement to establish the role as a specific profession and - at least where I work - dosimetrists are expected to obtain their certification. I don't know if this is a requirement yet or not, but if not it's coming soon.
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    Its quite similar over here in the UK. Most people 'move' in to the job from related areas. Some centres still don't have recognised 'Dosimetrists' as such as they have Rads on rotation and Physicists doing the work. We have a voluntary requirement at the moment (VRCT - Voluntary Register of CLinical Technologists) so it would seem as though in some places Canada isn't too dissimilar..... I will have to widen my search again and try and find out which centres are looking for Dosimetrists and which take on rads or similar.

    Cheers - Good to get some advice/comments
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