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Dou you know anyone who has cats and likes to take pictures?

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    I've always said I wanted to write a children's book. I wrote a poem that I think would be a great kid's book, but I ran into problems illustrating it because I can't draw. But there is no reason why real pictures couldn't be used instead. Picture a little kids book (maybe shaped like a cat's head) with the following poem (maybe two lines per page):

    I think my cat is broken.
    He doesn’t seem quite right.
    He likes to sleep all day long
    Then go outside at night.

    I think my cat is broken
    His tastes are quite absurd.
    He didn’t like my candy bar
    But tried to eat a bird.

    I think my cat is broken
    He plays with crazy things.
    His favorite toy is just a bell
    Wrapped up with little strings.

    Maybe my cat’s not broken
    And does what all cats do.
    He plays and purrs and says meow.
    Does that sound broke to you?

    Me neither!

    How about a contest where you take pictures of your cat acting out the story, winners get bundled up and sent to a publisher. I know my poem's good enough, so if it doesn't get published it'll be your fault. split any profits.
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    That's really great, are you sure you wrote it? :biggrin:
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    wrote, read, what's the difference?
    of course I wrote it
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    Just teasing, I am forwarding it to some friends.
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    Great poem!

    Kids would love that and adults too. The cat lovers out there.
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    friends in the publishing world with deep pockets I hope.
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    Haven't you posted that story here before? Or was it something you just shared in a PM previously? I know I enjoyed it the first time, and still think it would be great if illustrated and published as a children's book.

    Check out all the recent pet and kitten threads!

    I have plenty of photos of my kitten, but she's not acting out any of those things...she doesn't sit still long enough to photograph her sleeping (the only place she sleeps that isn't on top of me, which makes it hard to grab a camera and get a photo, is under the couch).
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    can't you have her stuffed? then place her in various positions? It's not video after all
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    yeah, I've had this story for years.
    I wrote something about september 11th a while back and every year I get hounded to send it out to publishers, but I forget until after september 11th. but that gets me thinking about other things i've written and I always come back to this one. Then I saw the picture competitions and all the cat threads and I thought why not...
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    I might take you up on that if she doesn't bring back the spoon she stole and now has hidden! :grumpy: She's been showing off all the trouble she's capable of getting into today! She learned to jump from the wastebasket to the desk to the top of the bookcases in my office, which of course is where all the breakable stuff is. She found her way onto the DVD player too, and I'm still awaiting the CD avalanche as the CDs get pushed closer and closer to the edge of the rack each time she climbs on it. :rolleyes:
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