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Homework Help: Double barrier potential in electrical field with matlab

  1. Jan 11, 2012 #1
    Hello there :),

    I have a problem in calculating transmission probability through double barrier potential in electrical field with matlab. While doing some exercises form http://www.nextnano.de/nextnano3/tutorial/1Dtutorial_Transmission_NEGF.htm, I came to the last one, where external field is applied and transmission probability is plotted. With all the rest examples I had no difficulties, but when electrical field is used I simply can't get good results.

    So I would like to get some help if possible :).

    First if someone could tell me what happens with transmission curve if we apply electrical field? Is the situation as on linked site? I am no more sure of anything, since I can't find any mistake in mine program. Mine results are attached to this post as pictures and as matlab code in word file. It would be big relief to me if someone else could read or test the program, since I get good results for potential, but bad for transmission :( .

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