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Double Charge particle

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    Are there such things as an electron wtih -2 on it? Or say a proton with +2
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    No, because a proton is defined to have a charge +1. If it were to have a charge +2, it would by definition no longer be a proton.

    There are no particles in the standard model with charge +2 or -2.

    - Warren
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    Yes I understand that a proton is only +1 I just forgot the name for that branch of particles.

    But yeah i was wondering if there was a model which I guess there is not as you say.
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    If it had a -+2, it wouldn't be a proton. Protons have a specific amount of charge, and that value is deemed 1. So it's that 1 that defines what a proton is.
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    the Δ++ resonance has a charge +2. whether you want to call it a particle or not, now that s a different question.
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