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Programs Double degree in maths/BSci or BEng(comp. systems)/BSci?

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    Hi all! I just graduated from high school this year and also got my offer for university next year! Exciting times.

    The offer I got was for a combined degree in computer systems engineering and science (physics). I've attached a PDF of the program plan. My goal is to do an honours year and PhD in astrophysics and astronomy at ANU. I don't know what area yet... I have years to figure that out, but either theoretical or observational.

    My question: would a double degree in maths and physics be better for someone pursuing a PhD in astrophysics, or does the maths in the physics courses cover the maths required for a PhD program (keeping in mind the courses in general relativity, etc. that I'd do without having done courses exclusively in topology, linear algebra, DEs or PDEs (refer to program plan attached))?

    If a maths degree isn't necessary, I would combine physics with computer systems engineering. Would this give me a larger advantage in my graduate research than a maths degree? e.g. advanced programming skills for simulation work, data processing, and the ability to construct any physical computer system necessary for research.

    This has been driving me crazy the past 2 weeks because I haven't been able to contact any of the lecturers from the university and ask, so your answers are invaluable. Thankyou! :)

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