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Double Degree worth it?

  1. Jul 22, 2014 #1
    I'm considering a double degree in physics and aerospace engineering. This double degree in Australia (where I live) would take 6 years. Is it worth it? Or is six years just too long to be studying?
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    My double major in physics and electrical engineering took longer than that and I'm currently in the running for some interesting jobs. Six years isn't that long of a time to be studying for a program like that (I know some people will disagree, but people who can do double majors in physics and engineering in the standard 4 years are rare, period). If you're going to do this, take advantage of the resources in both departments and see if you can get involved in research with both departments (or something that straddles the expertise of both, plasma or electric propulsion is a common one). This will make you a strong candidate for grad school or employment.
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    In general, engineering hits your wallet better than physics.

    That being said, A major in engineering with a minor in physics might be best.

    When you say...."is it worth it?". Do you mean financially or self satisfaction?

    That's always a battle you will fight. Cash is king...but so is feeling good about yourself. Most people confuse the two as being the same.

    If you love physics that much go for the double major. If your more interested in making money faster and spending less on your degree(s), maybe do the engineering major/phyics minor I mention above. Or maybe even focus on engineering totally and throw the occasional extra physics class in there to see how it goes....then go from there.
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