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Double integral

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    I was just wondering if the set up for this problem; integrate f(s,t)=e^slnt over the region in the first quadrant of the st-plane that lies above the curve s=lnt from t=1 to t=2


    integral(t=1 to t=2)integral(s=ln1 to s=ln2) of e^slnt

    If that's not the right set up what am I doing wrong
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    Hi s7b! :smile:

    (have an integral: ∫ :wink:)
    No … you can either start ∫(t=1 to t=2), or start ∫(s=ln1 to s=ln2) …

    but then you have to ask what are the limits of s at each value of t (or vice versa) :smile:
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