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Double Line in LaTeX

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    What is double line in ##LaTex?## I tried ##"//"## twice, but the compiler does not accept it.

    The old ##" /linebreak[2] "## command does not work neither?

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    I like Serena

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    Hi Bachelier! :smile:

    Which double line do you mean in ##\LaTeX##?
    Is it:
    Code (Text):
    ||   //   \backslash\backslash   \lVert   or   \parallel
    These render as:
    $$\quad || \quad // \quad \backslash\backslash \quad \lVert \quad \text{ or }\quad \parallel$$

    In latex you can use \\ for a linebreak, although on this site it only works in a \begin{something} environment.
    For instance:
    Code (Text):
    \begin{aligned} a = b+1 \\ c = b-1 \end{aligned}
    which renders as:
    $$\begin{aligned} a = b+1 \\ c = b-1 \end{aligned}$$
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    Forgot to add the word "break" in my title. sorry.

    Yeah I meant: "Doubleline breaks and more line breaks" to control the structure of one's document.

    Thank you
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    That is what I meant. I was using "\\" but my compiler did not take it.
    However the funny thing is that after rebooting my machine, now "\\" works for as many line breaks as I want.

    Thanks for that doc. I tried "\\" but it just seems to give me a line break. It does not start a new paragraph like the website claims. \\* gives the same result.
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    On a different note my friends, to get line breaks (like 3 or 4) for styling the ##\LaTeX## document, is it a good modus operandi to use "\\" and "\\*"?
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    The website is wrong. (Given the .hu, maybe it lost something in translation from hungarian to english). The whole point of \\ is that it DOESN'T start a new paragraph (and therefore you don't get paragraph indentation, automatic extra space adjustment between paragraphs, etc).

    Probably not. I'm surprised several \\ in succession works at all. Actually I just tried it and it did work, but gave an "underfull hbox" warning. I expected to get an error message like "There's no line here to end" or something similar.

    If you want one big gap, do \\[24pt] or whatever size you need.

    Or better, use \bigskip \medskip or \smallskip. Those vertical spaces are "stretchy" so they adjust a bit to fill up the page correctly/ They also disappear if they happen to be at the end of a page, which is probably what you wanted.
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    Thank you ##|\mathbb{Z}_{>0}|##

    BTW, what is your favorite command for paragraph breaks (i.e. to begin new paragraphs in the document)?
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