Double major in computer and electrical engineering

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I'm majoring in computer engineering ...
so I was wondering if I should double major by majoring in electrical engineering as well?

I think what I'm trying to ask is ...
1) What's the importance of this particular double major in terms of jobs?
2)How does it look on grad school applications?
3)Easy/Hard? If it happens to take another year, meaning 5 years in total ... is it worth it?

I'm just really confused what I should do ...
if I really want to be a computer engineer, does it mean I do not need to double major?

Just tell me whatever you know about double major in comp engr and elec engr

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I think I also want to know what would look better on my grad school application and my resume ....
1) minor in physics and major in comp engr
2) double major in computer engr and elec engr
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Well, it depends on your University. At my school, there is a good amount of difference between Computer and Electrical engineering after the first 2 years. It would be VERY hard to double major.

However, it is certainly possible to fill in all of your electives with Computer engineering courses as an EE major, or vice versa.

If you really want to be a Computer engineer, you do not need to double major. Just major in Computer engineering and fill in your electives with EE courses you are interested in. Or just take more Computer engineering electives. You should not be studying stuff you are not interested in just because you think it will look better on your resume.

I suggest you post the four year course schedule for each major so we can help you better.

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