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Double Major vs Dual Degree

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    I am getting a bit confused by the difference.

    I plan on studying Math and Physics and I want to do both of them, so if I am unsure whether to go through a Math Ph.D program or Physics Ph.D program, which one should I pursue? A double major or dual degree?

    This is the department of Physics in my undergrad, http://www.physics.ubc.ca/undergrad/educate/BEd_BSc_courses.php [Broken]

    But is that the one I should be looking at?

    Is "Combined Honors in Mathematics and Physics" the same as a Double Major or a Dual Degree??

    I am really confused.
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    What about "Combined Honors"? Why is that different from a Double Major?
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    I can't say for certain, you should speak with your advisor. I imagine that instead of the two years of lower division, two years of upper division physics, and two years of upper division mathematics for a double major, the combined honors is just less physics and more math.
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    So then what is my best option? Even though I am undecided on a future Ph.D in Math or Physics, I am getting the feeling that I should go for theoretical physics since I get to do both.
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    If you're in a hurry to finish undergrad then talk to your advisor and come up with a schedule. Otherwise just take the math and physics classes that interest you and figure out a degree later.
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