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Double Majoring?

  1. Jul 21, 2009 #1
    I'm a (pure) math major right now who is planning to go to graduate school and eventually get a PhD in that field. I'll most likely try to get secondary school teaching certification in case university teaching doesn't happen, but I'm a little concerned about getting jobs outside of academia should I not be able to find anything teaching. To fix this, I'm planning on double majoring in something (maybe even a minor would help?). My question is, what would be the best combination? Math/Physics? Math/Stats? Math/Econ? Math/Something else? I have absolutely no interest in computer science, so that isn't even an option in my mind. I was considering math/stats, but it's my understanding that to really get a good job in statistics a MS degree in statistics is more or less required.

    I'm looking for some advice on this. Help?
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