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Double majors

  1. Feb 6, 2008 #1
    i want to do double majors in aero eng and theoretical physics. is the value of eng in such a course is equal to a single grad degree in aero eng? is double majors offered by most of universities in uk?your answers will help a lot.
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    As a freshman the Dean of Engineering told us double majoring is really over kill for most jobs in engineering. For someone who wants to get their PHD maybe not, but for someone just trying to get an engineering job, a double major isn't worth the hassle unless it really compliments what your trying to do as your long term goal.

    For example, if you were a comp sci major and also doubled majored in economics you could make some big bucks.

    The one guy who one the nobel peace prize who was a comp sci major actually did that. Studied Artificial intelligence and economics
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    what do you mean by asking 'is the value of eng in such a course equal to a single grad degree in aero eng?'

    Are you asking if by double majoring you will cover as much knowledge as a graduate program in aero eng? If so, then certainly not, The theo physics may put you a little ahead in the physics concepts of the eng degree, bu will probably put you no further along on your way to a masters or phd.
  5. Feb 7, 2008 #4
    by value i mean for job purpose and i wish to do masters and phd in theo physics
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