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Double sew interfere

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    In double sew interfere with experiment, make each one sew use a light source, would still have the interference?
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    This problem look easy, so no one's answer.haha...
    The reason that I ask this problem, is because I think to have no interference the existence.
    I am to say theoretically have no interference existence.Look and usual theories antinomy.
    Don't know to have the person to do this to experiment?
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    No, I think it's because people don't understand your question. :frown:

    Obviously English is not your first language, so it would not be good for people to make jokes about or put you down about it. But you still need to accept that people will have trouble understanding you, if your English isn't good enough.

    I think you are asking the following: In a double-slit interference experiment [where the light through both slits actually comes from a single source], what happens if you use two separate sources of light?

    In that situation, you will usually not have interference, because the two sources need to have a constant phase difference between them, that is, they have to be coherent with each other. This is hard to do with real light sources, even with lasers.
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    yes,My English is very what a mess, I am very sorry.haha..
    Thank you to explain English for me.You explain very right.
    I learn the physics simultaneously to learn English simultaneously here.

    In fact, I think is not they whether the problem for “coherent” , also is not the problem for “need to have a constant phase difference between them” .Consider the circumstance of the wave of water, have no this problem(use two separate sources).
    I am an objection to have to “coherent” with the light.
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