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Double slit experiment IN TIME

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    Double slit experiment IN TIME !!!

    The famous double slit experiment performed in another way ... The slits are not in space but in time : two positive peaks and one negative peak of an electric field contained in a very short laser pulse...

    https://www.physicsforums.com/journal.php?s=&journalid=13790&action=view [Broken]

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    Hans de Vries

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    I was looking at this. There are several related talks on video in the link
    below about the equipment used, very interesting!


    especially the talk of Paulus here:


    (Uses the Realplayer plug-in which you can download for free)

    Regards, Hans
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    There was a discussion on this a few months back in the thread 'Interference in time' in the 'theory development' forum.I am including here something that I wrote in one of my posts there:-

    Diffraction in time domain is possible in the following sense---you have a screen blocking a matter wave which is suddenly removed(constituting an edge in time).Then there is a finite probability of finding the particle at a point distance d away in a time different from d/v,where v is the speed of the particle.In fact such a calculation has been done(see Phys. Rev. A,? & Zeilinger,3804-3824,1997)--the basic reason is fast spreading of matter wave-packets due to the presence of high momentum (Fourier)components (constituting the (sharp) wavepacket)--so the probability density reaches out faster than the speed of the particle.Such an effect is absent in the case of classical wave-equation(light) as there is no dispersion in free space.

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