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Double Slit Experiment Movie

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    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4237751840526284618 [Broken]

    Something interesting i found, pretty much introduces Quantum Physics.
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    OH GOD!!!!!! No, why, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not this again!!!

    If your wondering why I'm acting like this, this clip is from the movie......"What the bleep do we know?" What this movie does to Quantum Mechanics is.............................................disgusting to say the least.

    I don't like supporting this movie, even in parts on youtube. Please find another source for information about quantum mechanics please!!!!

    (BTW, I'm not mad at you gadget. I just can't stand this movie!)
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    Ironically, its that same movie that made me become so interested in physics. I saw that movie about 1 year ago and ever sinse then I have been studieng that sort of thing nonstop. Ironically I see now that the movie, well, might have over exaderated QM a little bit. No that its any less interesting now. But cmon, "the electron changes the way it acts... almost like it KNOWS its being watched", I dont care how layman you are, you dont need to sugar coat "the act of measurment collapses the wavefunction" THAT much.
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    If by "disgusting" you mean "makes it accessible" then yes, its disgusting.

    But, yes, the anthropomorphism of electrons is a bit hard to listen to.
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    It doesnt make it accessible, it just twists it and exaterates it untill it makes it sound like you can win the lotery by just thinking about it when you wake up. That makes perfect sense, if you can collapse a wavefunction by measuring it, that also means you can completely manipule and affect the reality around you to do anything you want!
    Anybody can access QM, there are plenty of layman books out there (I would know, considering I have never read a mathematical book about QM, thats waaaay beyond my level of education at this point in my life) that anyone can read and understand. All this movie did was manipulate QM to get as many ratings as possible, and in doing so completely changed what QM is all about.
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    Exactly the point I was making. :smile:
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