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Double slit

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    This is from a stupid movie, lots of new age nonsense etc. However, please disregard that and judge this segment on its own merits. Is it accurate? I am not being sarcastic or have a hidden agenda. I just want to know!
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    Yes it is a correct exposition of the quantum mechanical explanation of the double slit experiment. It is probably possible to do some nitpicking on some of the terminology and graphics, but essentially it is correct.
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    It's pretty good.
    IMO Any nitpicking would be completely unjustified.
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    It's not wrong.
    But we don't really have the words to adequately discuss the concepts he's describing.

    It's as if Ghengis Khan were explaining to his hordes about electricity. What words could he use that would make sense to him and his audience? Even if he somehow vaguely understood it himself, would he have the words available in his language to form even a crude explanation?
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    The segment is great - very understandable. It presents the concept in a way that can be readily understood by most. There are also many other similar clips on that site.

    Thanks for posting it.

    These clips would be very handy to have. How does one save a UTube clip ? Is it possible ? Anybody know ?
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    Presuming you're already using firefox, just browse the popular add-ons. (Of course it's possible: they can't show you the video without transmitting a copy of the data to the machine which, as it still happens, you control.)

    You're worried whether you could ever find particular videos again (say, if google were to receive a take down request)?
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    I don't want to sidetrack this thread, but;

    No, I'm using the latest Internet Explorer. I'm actually starting to hate it, and should probably find an alternative. I tried FF a couple of years ago, but it left me not impressed. Is it better these days ?

    I want to save the clips not because they might be taken down, but because I would like to view them / show them off line.
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    Something about devising precise and intricate runes out of bronze and blood, through which tiny bits of lightning circulate, casting magical light or crudely animating inanimate carts or golems..?
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